Geometric cats

Green cat, called by children from Hedgehog group as”Islandek”, invited them for common play with shapes, sizes and colours. 

First, children tried an item changing things and people into unusual shapes. It is how we  looked like in this geometric machine…

Then, Hedgehogs used symbolic thinking and coding for creating geometric cats. It was great opportunity to go through shapes and colours topic.

Reported by: Zuzanna 


Symbols for the Green Cat story

Bees for Polish kindergarten discussed the topic of reading books.

They discovered  that “The Saga about the Green Cat” is available in Icelandic, English and Polish to be read. But reading this story is also possible for those who can`t read letters  at all. It is possible through international language of illustrations, which we tried to translate into symbols.

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Bees tried different shapes and colours to find appropriate symbol for each item in a story. Sometimes we had to vote for our common choice. Despite that it was hard to decide a symbol of a green cat so we stil have two proposals for this.
Look what we decided to propose.

Waiting for the official bank of patterns to start scene making!


Iceland – Features and Symbols 2

23_08_2016 (1) (Copy)After discovering shapes in a cat we discussed what other animals we could find in the book….like the dog and the mouse. We also discussed what other animals we could possibly find….like hens, horses, spiders, bulls, ravens, goats, sheep and pigs. One of the children announced that the raven has a triangle…and a circle. The circle is inside but the triangle is outside. Well we decided to go for an excursion looking for more animals.

One of the children heard a wasp, the child said it would look like a box (a term that the children often use instead of a square). We discussed why it was a square and not a box (you can put things into a box). Now we saw different squares everywhere.

We continued to the place where they keep some animals during he summer. But all the animals were gone…or almost all the animals. We heard some sound from indoors….We decided to draw some pictures all the same…looking for shapes in our drawings.

Now we were also wondering what kind of animals we would possibly find in Slovenia, Poland and Spain. We would like to know if there are cows, goats or pigs in your countries. We would also like to know if you have any green cats or if there might be dinosaurs in your countries. We think their might be dinosours in Poland.

Going back home we saw this thing. We recognized some shapes. The teacher took a photo and printed it in grayscale for the children to elaorate with different ideas. Some thought it reminded them of the green cat but others draw pictures of each other.

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Maybe you can try and see if you can draw a cat from the picture?


Iceland – Features and Symbols 1

Inspired by one of the posts from Poland we also decided to explore the shapes of a cat. Each child choosed one of our Erasmus cat and used it as a model working with unit blocks. After each child had presented the ideas of its’ design of a cat, the children made one final cat using the different ideas appearing in their constructions. Finally they draw their cats.

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