Voting for the best ending

It was extremely hard to decide what will be our official ending of the Green Cat story…

Bees worked on the story plot again to recall the scenes one by one. Because they dithered the order of scene with the ball going up and down, children made fast experiment to check what should be first to happen – going up or down;) Bees had lots of fun with this trial.

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Then – Bees recalled five possibe endings for Green cat story created by us some time ago and illustrated by “Ladybirds” friends. For some endings children had to vote for the representative picture, which required making choices, counting, comparing the amount and making conclusions.

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When we finally had our five pictures – it was time to vote for the best ending. Everyone had two votes to use among five options. Soon the result was visible, but before – counted and shown through the digit.

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That is how Bees made their choice on TWO new adventures of the Green Cat.

Colleagues from Ladybirds made their proposals for the symbols of new characters and new symbolic scene of episodes

Now it`s high time to go back to the book and share with the whole story with our colleagues.


Five tomorrows…

There are still some doubts what to finally choose as the next episode for the Greet Cat saga… Look what ideas children had here, in Poland, (wrote by Bees, illustrated by Ladybirds):

Episode 1: “On the meadow”

The story about Green Cat chasing the Bee who  finally stung his nose…

Episode 2: “In the forest”

About the Green Cat walk to the forest, meeting with snail and poisonous mushrooms…

Episode 3: “In the park”

The story about the Green Cat who went to the park to play with falling leaves and to chase acorns…

Episode 4: “On the street”

The story about the Green Cat crossing the road and almost bumped into the car…

Episode 5: “On the playground”

The Story about Green Cat`s meeting with children, little misunderstanding and sharp claws…

Let`s see what will be our final choice and a plot!


The saga about the magic egg

Four children in Lundur have been making a saga about cats.

First they sat down and named all the cats and talked about what they would do in the saga.

In the saga shows how the childrens knowledge come alive. We have been working with the word “bounce” in text talk and their knowledge of the book “the green cat saga” also shows in the saga about the magic egg.


Here is the saga about the magic egg