Does meow differ from meow?

Bees are still on the way to understand the meaning of MEOW.

One of the point children decided to check is the possibility of understanding the cat. Is there any difference between “meow” and “meow”? Can we recognize this difference? Are we able to understand the meaning?

We used an application on tablet which showed us a variety of sounds cats give in their cats` life. Children listened the sounds after touching the digits (we chose eight sounds), and then – discussed their possible meaning.  To manage this task children tried to imagine the cat in the situation probably linked with the sound. Of course – teachers made notes of what kids thought about, to save ideas for future use.

Children tried to act some of sounds . They pretended to be cats or humans (behaving well or bad with animals), depending on the sound. Children made the connection with sounds by pulling the cat`s tail, stroking the fur, exposing claws or showing cat`s teeth.

Finally children discovered that it is possible to guess cat`s feelings on the basis of the sound it utters. Is it then possible to guess it on the basis of cats` appearance? Is there any cats` body language? We will check it out!