The saga about the magic egg

Four children in Lundur have been making a saga about cats.

First they sat down and named all the cats and talked about what they would do in the saga.

In the saga shows how the childrens knowledge come alive. We have been working with the word “bounce” in text talk and their knowledge of the book “the green cat saga” also shows in the saga about the magic egg.


Here is the saga about the magic egg



What is this “miaow” about?

One of the most important issue for Bees was cat`s language. Today we listened to one of Polish poems about this matter (“Zeszły się cztery koty” by Ludwik Jerzy Kern) and got inspired by the idea of cats` laguage translator…

Firstly, our teachers made notes of what we think about “miaow” meaning. In our opinion cats make miaow to tell us that they want to drink, eat, sleep, climp or jump in a grass.. it is also the signal when they are eager to cuddle, play, got angry or yawn. But, how is that possible to recognize one from another?

We listened to many versions of “miaow”, trying to connect them with cats life situations. Then – we tried real cat translator on the tablet – trying cat versions of our names or statements like: “I am hungry” or “I lost my tail”. We had so much laugh!

Final literacy task was connected with the most important word of a day. That was “miaow” of course! Because cats make MIAU here, in Poland, we used our language version for this task. With the effort of whole group and individually, we managed!

Miau to everyone.