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Gaudi Cat Awards received!

On 13th of January, while Translational Meeting within “Through democracy to literacy” Erasmus+ partnership, there was an official Award Ceremony for “Gaudi Cat” family contest.

Project partners from Iceland, Spain and Slovenia together with teachers, kindergarten principal,  representative of Children Council, and representative of Educational Demartment in Zabrze – were giving awards to children and parents.


Contest Jury was made by kindergarten society – children, parents and teachers – who voted for the best cats art in each category.


Among art made by children and their parents in RED CATEGORY – the winner is Nikola from Butterflies group.

A runner up is Maciek from Dots group.

In YELLOW CATEGORY the winner is Natalka from Butterflies group.

Runner up is Lena from Bees group.

Third place went to Konrad (Frogs).

Fourth place went to Kuba (Bees). 

Fifth place went to Lena from Dwarfs group.

Sixth place was given to Ala (Butterflies).

Diplomas for the contribution in a contest went to Kacper, Malwina, Adaś, Oliwia, Wiktoria, Maksym and Hania:

We saw lots of hapiness and proud both in kids and parents` eyes that day. Support to children given by their parents let them grow in creativity and self-confidence, which is awesome. 

Congratulations for all participants !

Idea for Gaudi Cat contest is a result of an inspiration of Spain and its culture. Therefore its obvoius that gifts fmaily received in this contest came from Barcelona and Rioja region, Spain.
They were founded within “Through democracy to literacy…” Erasmus+ project budget. 

Reported by: Anna Krzyżanowska


Where is my home?


Last days Bees were discussing the topic of animals` houses.

 Our little Filemon shared with his story about “Own place” (Własny kąt – animation), Green Cat met the mouse in the front of the house… where they all have their real own place then? It was the topic of Bees next discovery.

Our animal spies activities gave us a clue about dogs, who always had their owners on the lead (some people say that ig goes opposite way, but who knows), which means that they have their houses – or maybe: they live in human`s houses.
Few times we saw cats walking on their own, so started to think if they live in humans` houses to or not? It went us to the matter of homeless animals (especially cats) and those who wait for that to be adopted. Our teachers called one of vet in our city who takes care of little kittens in his clinic. Immediately we organized a whole-kindergarten action to gain some nice gifts for them (we will give you the presentation about this soon).

But, going back to animals houses, Bees played a game on interactive whiteboard, matching animals with their houses and discovering new vocabulary .

Then, Bees used an educational card created by teachers to make their individual matching. They called all animals` houses and were really proud of their knew discoveries.

A card we created (for future use if you want it): animals-houses-tdtl


We also do Yoga Cats!

Iceland, thank you for your post which inspired us to try Yoga Cats!
We saw the video you recommended and your pictures doing Yoga exercises, and of course decided to try!

First, we tried to clean our faces and ears like cats do everyday.
We also said “Hello” to the Sun and to the Earth…

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Then, on the basis of the video, we put on many poses of Yoga cats. That was very funny, but also tiring. For sure, cats need to be very pliant for that to be able to do all these…

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We will certainly continue on Yoga Cats!