Five tomorrows…

There are still some doubts what to finally choose as the next episode for the Greet Cat saga… Look what ideas children had here, in Poland, (wrote by Bees, illustrated by Ladybirds):

Episode 1: “On the meadow”

The story about Green Cat chasing the Bee who  finally stung his nose…

Episode 2: “In the forest”

About the Green Cat walk to the forest, meeting with snail and poisonous mushrooms…

Episode 3: “In the park”

The story about the Green Cat who went to the park to play with falling leaves and to chase acorns…

Episode 4: “On the street”

The story about the Green Cat crossing the road and almost bumped into the car…

Episode 5: “On the playground”

The Story about Green Cat`s meeting with children, little misunderstanding and sharp claws…

Let`s see what will be our final choice and a plot!

Mindmapping in Iceland

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My own Erasmus cat

In our group only two children and two teachers have their own real cats. Some children felt sad not to have his or her own cat to give name to.  So, we decided to make them. It`s time for Cats Art!

 Comparing different fabrics to find the most similar feeling to cats` fur was the first step. We decided wool to be most alike. A wool is what Filemon likes to play with too;)

With a use of wool and glue children covered the shape of a cat. Surprisingly, the most difficult was to find a name for the cat. Finally, everyone was satisfied with his work.

Bees says miaow!