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Gaudi Cat Awards received!

On 13th of January, while Translational Meeting within “Through democracy to literacy” Erasmus+ partnership, there was an official Award Ceremony for “Gaudi Cat” family contest.

Project partners from Iceland, Spain and Slovenia together with teachers, kindergarten principal,  representative of Children Council, and representative of Educational Demartment in Zabrze – were giving awards to children and parents.


Contest Jury was made by kindergarten society – children, parents and teachers – who voted for the best cats art in each category.


Among art made by children and their parents in RED CATEGORY – the winner is Nikola from Butterflies group.

A runner up is Maciek from Dots group.

In YELLOW CATEGORY the winner is Natalka from Butterflies group.

Runner up is Lena from Bees group.

Third place went to Konrad (Frogs).

Fourth place went to Kuba (Bees). 

Fifth place went to Lena from Dwarfs group.

Sixth place was given to Ala (Butterflies).

Diplomas for the contribution in a contest went to Kacper, Malwina, Adaś, Oliwia, Wiktoria, Maksym and Hania:

We saw lots of hapiness and proud both in kids and parents` eyes that day. Support to children given by their parents let them grow in creativity and self-confidence, which is awesome. 

Congratulations for all participants !

Idea for Gaudi Cat contest is a result of an inspiration of Spain and its culture. Therefore its obvoius that gifts fmaily received in this contest came from Barcelona and Rioja region, Spain.
They were founded within “Through democracy to literacy…” Erasmus+ project budget. 

Reported by: Anna Krzyżanowska

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Inspired by Gaudi Cat work;)

Ladybirds got interested in the topic of mosaic and decided to make their own Gaudi Cats in the classroom. For children who didn`t take part in family contest – it was great opportunity to try the technique.

Look, how nicely they worked on the cat mosaics!

Now it`s your turn. Give this idea a try! Have fun!

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Gaudi Cats

Here in Poland we got inspired by Spanish patterns, natural items and landscapes that we decided to create an environment for children to work with Spanish  material of culture and nature. Antoni Gaudi – Spanish architect was very  inspirational too.

Mixture of Gaudi`s art of mosaic, patterns photographed while visit in Spain and a topic of cats was great basis for the family art contest called “Gaudi`s cat”.

You can see what patterns we chose on our kindergarte website: HERE.

It was amazing how nicely our famiies worked on this topic!

In red category (mosaics created with the use of photographs taken by teachers in Spain)  two amazing cats appeared.

In yellow category (mosaics created with any material chosen by children) there came another 13 super great cats!

Kindergarteners and families were voting for two weeks for the best art work in each categories.

Soon, children and families will take part in Prize giving ceremony to receive special awards for their fabulous work. We will tell you about this event soon…


Voting for the best ending

It was extremely hard to decide what will be our official ending of the Green Cat story…

Bees worked on the story plot again to recall the scenes one by one. Because they dithered the order of scene with the ball going up and down, children made fast experiment to check what should be first to happen – going up or down;) Bees had lots of fun with this trial.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then – Bees recalled five possibe endings for Green cat story created by us some time ago and illustrated by “Ladybirds” friends. For some endings children had to vote for the representative picture, which required making choices, counting, comparing the amount and making conclusions.

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When we finally had our five pictures – it was time to vote for the best ending. Everyone had two votes to use among five options. Soon the result was visible, but before – counted and shown through the digit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That is how Bees made their choice on TWO new adventures of the Green Cat.

Colleagues from Ladybirds made their proposals for the symbols of new characters and new symbolic scene of episodes

Now it`s high time to go back to the book and share with the whole story with our colleagues.


Five tomorrows…

There are still some doubts what to finally choose as the next episode for the Greet Cat saga… Look what ideas children had here, in Poland, (wrote by Bees, illustrated by Ladybirds):

Episode 1: “On the meadow”

The story about Green Cat chasing the Bee who  finally stung his nose…

Episode 2: “In the forest”

About the Green Cat walk to the forest, meeting with snail and poisonous mushrooms…

Episode 3: “In the park”

The story about the Green Cat who went to the park to play with falling leaves and to chase acorns…

Episode 4: “On the street”

The story about the Green Cat crossing the road and almost bumped into the car…

Episode 5: “On the playground”

The Story about Green Cat`s meeting with children, little misunderstanding and sharp claws…

Let`s see what will be our final choice and a plot!


Symbols for the Green Cat story

Bees for Polish kindergarten discussed the topic of reading books.

They discovered  that “The Saga about the Green Cat” is available in Icelandic, English and Polish to be read. But reading this story is also possible for those who can`t read letters  at all. It is possible through international language of illustrations, which we tried to translate into symbols.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bees tried different shapes and colours to find appropriate symbol for each item in a story. Sometimes we had to vote for our common choice. Despite that it was hard to decide a symbol of a green cat so we stil have two proposals for this.
Look what we decided to propose.

Waiting for the official bank of patterns to start scene making!


5 days till the end of CAT`s LETTERS CHALLENGE

It`s final call for participation in CAT`S LETTERS CHALLENGE!

You are all invited to create new cat`s name from the letters used in “THE GREEN CAT” book title. Only letters to use are: A, C, E, G, H, N, R, T. They can be repeated in one name, and you don`t need to use all of them.

Letters taking part in this language challenge were animated by students attending C.R.A. Alto Cidacos (Spain). Look how amazing they are!

Common poster to put created names is available HERE
(please – give name of the child and the country when you post an answer).