How many? Task for “Animal spies”!

Bees are still on holidays, but teachers want to share some task they did before going for summer break…

One day, it turned out that teachers cannot recognize animals well. They even make mistakes with counting. That is why children played “Animal Spy” task.

First,  they practiced counting on cats pictures. That was tricky, because there were dogs hidden in the pictures! Children could find them easily and count with proper numbers and quantity.

Then – children went outside to check if it is difficult to find and recognise dogs and cats in our vicinity. We used a special card to mark each dog and cat, which was found that day!

At the end we counted our marks to answer the question “HOW MANY…?” Then, compared the amount of cats and dogs found all around. There were two dogs and two cats. Two and two is the same –  some of us already knew that it means EQUAL.

This walk was also a good opportunity to think about how to behave with dogs and cats we don`t know. We decided to discover this topic later on.

Cat and dog counting card to download here: how many dogs and cats


Discussions in large group gathering

In large group gathering in Laut (with our youngest) we talked about the green cat. We know he is SWEET and NOT MEAN (text talk), but when he is not sweet he can be very angry.

He finds it funny to tickle us, he tickles our ten tiger toes.

We also saw that he wanted to eat our lunch. We had fish and the green cat would like to eat it because he likes fish.

We practice counting, feets, ears and eyes.. ours and the animals

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