A cat in a preschool!

There was a special day for Bees and Hedgehogs today. We had a unique guest in our preschool, who was a real cat!

It was Milka, our teacher Anna`s cat, who came to the classroom for that to let us check what we already learned about cats.

Milka was little bit scared at the beginning, but she let us count how much ears, paws, tails and eyes she has got. Thanks to her, we listed all features cats have to be called cats;)

After a short remonder about rules while contact with the cat, Milka was kind enough to let every child to touch or stroke her.

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She was observing everyone and when teacher let her walk freely, she sniffed all our toy corners, tables and chairs. That was a proper time to manage a task called “Reshape it to… ” when bees had to change a cat drawing into Milka`s portrait. Look how nicely Nina did it (with a support of Mikołaj):

And then, while sitting on the window sill Milka made a noise “MEEEOOOW” which probably meant: “I WANNA GO BACK HOME”. So teacher put her to the special container and brought her back to her real house.


Bye bye Milka!