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Gaudi Cat Awards received!

On 13th of January, while Translational Meeting within “Through democracy to literacy” Erasmus+ partnership, there was an official Award Ceremony for “Gaudi Cat” family contest.

Project partners from Iceland, Spain and Slovenia together with teachers, kindergarten principal,  representative of Children Council, and representative of Educational Demartment in Zabrze – were giving awards to children and parents.


Contest Jury was made by kindergarten society – children, parents and teachers – who voted for the best cats art in each category.


Among art made by children and their parents in RED CATEGORY – the winner is Nikola from Butterflies group.

A runner up is Maciek from Dots group.

In YELLOW CATEGORY the winner is Natalka from Butterflies group.

Runner up is Lena from Bees group.

Third place went to Konrad (Frogs).

Fourth place went to Kuba (Bees). 

Fifth place went to Lena from Dwarfs group.

Sixth place was given to Ala (Butterflies).

Diplomas for the contribution in a contest went to Kacper, Malwina, Adaś, Oliwia, Wiktoria, Maksym and Hania:

We saw lots of hapiness and proud both in kids and parents` eyes that day. Support to children given by their parents let them grow in creativity and self-confidence, which is awesome. 

Congratulations for all participants !

Idea for Gaudi Cat contest is a result of an inspiration of Spain and its culture. Therefore its obvoius that gifts fmaily received in this contest came from Barcelona and Rioja region, Spain.
They were founded within “Through democracy to literacy…” Erasmus+ project budget. 

Reported by: Anna Krzyżanowska

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Inspired by Gaudi Cat work;)

Ladybirds got interested in the topic of mosaic and decided to make their own Gaudi Cats in the classroom. For children who didn`t take part in family contest – it was great opportunity to try the technique.

Look, how nicely they worked on the cat mosaics!

Now it`s your turn. Give this idea a try! Have fun!

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Gaudi Cats

Here in Poland we got inspired by Spanish patterns, natural items and landscapes that we decided to create an environment for children to work with Spanish  material of culture and nature. Antoni Gaudi – Spanish architect was very  inspirational too.

Mixture of Gaudi`s art of mosaic, patterns photographed while visit in Spain and a topic of cats was great basis for the family art contest called “Gaudi`s cat”.

You can see what patterns we chose on our kindergarte website: HERE.

It was amazing how nicely our famiies worked on this topic!

In red category (mosaics created with the use of photographs taken by teachers in Spain)  two amazing cats appeared.

In yellow category (mosaics created with any material chosen by children) there came another 13 super great cats!

Kindergarteners and families were voting for two weeks for the best art work in each categories.

Soon, children and families will take part in Prize giving ceremony to receive special awards for their fabulous work. We will tell you about this event soon…


Iceland – Features and Symbols 2

23_08_2016 (1) (Copy)After discovering shapes in a cat we discussed what other animals we could find in the book….like the dog and the mouse. We also discussed what other animals we could possibly find….like hens, horses, spiders, bulls, ravens, goats, sheep and pigs. One of the children announced that the raven has a triangle…and a circle. The circle is inside but the triangle is outside. Well we decided to go for an excursion looking for more animals.

One of the children heard a wasp, the child said it would look like a box (a term that the children often use instead of a square). We discussed why it was a square and not a box (you can put things into a box). Now we saw different squares everywhere.

We continued to the place where they keep some animals during he summer. But all the animals were gone…or almost all the animals. We heard some sound from indoors….We decided to draw some pictures all the same…looking for shapes in our drawings.

Now we were also wondering what kind of animals we would possibly find in Slovenia, Poland and Spain. We would like to know if there are cows, goats or pigs in your countries. We would also like to know if you have any green cats or if there might be dinosaurs in your countries. We think their might be dinosours in Poland.

Going back home we saw this thing. We recognized some shapes. The teacher took a photo and printed it in grayscale for the children to elaorate with different ideas. Some thought it reminded them of the green cat but others draw pictures of each other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Maybe you can try and see if you can draw a cat from the picture?


A cat in our class

As we were talking about the facts our student know about cats, they had the idea to create a cat with objects that they have in class. They used some ropes, some hockey sticks and some elements from the toy kitchen such as a pair of plates to represent the eyes, a banana to represent the mouth or a pear to represent the nose. They also used sport cones and construction toys to create the ears and the whiskers respectively. They had fun while working together.



What does Enciso know about cats?

Just out of curiosity, our students wanted to find out if people in their village know facts about cats. They came up with the idea of drawing different silhouettes of cats in a big white sheet. The activity consisted of putting the silhouettes of cats in different parts in the village such as the bar, the museum or the grocery. Neighbours are invited to write facts related to the cats within the silhouettes.



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My own Erasmus cat

In our group only two children and two teachers have their own real cats. Some children felt sad not to have his or her own cat to give name to.  So, we decided to make them. It`s time for Cats Art!

 Comparing different fabrics to find the most similar feeling to cats` fur was the first step. We decided wool to be most alike. A wool is what Filemon likes to play with too;)

With a use of wool and glue children covered the shape of a cat. Surprisingly, the most difficult was to find a name for the cat. Finally, everyone was satisfied with his work.

Bees says miaow!