How to be secure with dogs and cats?

Bees were searching for the answer of their last “Our Erasmus Cats” project question, broaching the topic of secure contact with animals (especially cats and dogs). You already tried to answer this question HERE.
That is what Bees discovered…

 Firstly, Bees tried to make a list of rules to uphold when meeting unknown animal – dog or cat – and reasons, why should we behave with caution.

Then – children tried to act out the scene of meeting with unknown dog and to react on his various behaviour, for that to see the consequences of our gestures, voice and body language in a contact with animal.

Bees searched for these informations also in internet resources. It turned out that it is important how we approach to dog, how we  come closer with our hand to be sniffed, in which place to stroke the animal to let him feel comfortable with…

Main rules are:

  1. Ask the owner for the permition to approach the dog.
  2. Read dog`s body language.
  3. If you approach the dog, let him sniff your hand (better fist then open palm)
  4. Do not stroke dog`s head – better to stroke his sides or place below the head.

It is worth to see this video presenting safe approaching to the dog.

We found some articles, for example: “Nie głaszcz mnie tak, proszę.. – czyli zasady dobrych powitań” and “…niezbędnik psiej komunikacji w pigułce” on the portal (Polish version).

Children tried to check this new knowledge in practice – acting out safe scenes again, and trying to correct their behaviour immediately, if needed.

But, what to do if an aggressive dog approaches us?
And what does a tortoise has in common with such situation?

Bees have learned that the best option is to take the “tortoise position” – which helps us to protect as much body parts as possible. It helps coverneck, face, belly and legs. Rules are: entwine your hands inward, keeping your thumbs inside, put your arms on the nape, cover ears, kneel down and bring your head closer to knees. Look, how we did it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Try out tortoise postion with family at home. It`s good to practice this, in case any dog approaching you has another plan than being tickled and stroked!


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