Cats` names

Here is the collection of real cats` names we found in our countries. 

In our homes there are:
Bučmam, Manč, Ýmir, Pési, Sól, Piki, Muc, Muca, Sushi, Safira, Maciuś, Flekica, Martyna, Pika, Lukec, Bleki, Blu, Leon, Milka, Donna Milka, Łatka, Yuki, Lili, Wacek, Kropka, Spryciarz, Kimi, Malinka, Pralinka, Mufinka, Czaruś, Felek and Łatka.

You can see them all here:
(click on the picture to see our padlet)


Children from Frogs (Poland) gave their additional proposals for cats names, like: Plamka, Czaruś, Tusia, Szczęściarz, Plastuś, Aleksander, Pusia, Diana, Pecharz, Tosiek, Bandzior, Luna, Abra, Max and Rambo.

So many to chose, when you have your own cute kitten!

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