Frogs trip to the ZOO

Frogs and Bees went for the trip to ZOO for that to answer one of their project question: “Do cats live in a ZOO?”.
Here is the report on what Frogs discovered while this adventure.

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One of aims was gaining knowledge about wild animals living in different part of the world and conditions of animals life in ZOO. Main purpose was to discover as many cats as possible among ZOO inhibitants.

With a help of educational cards children were to find different wild cats species. Indeed, they found five out of nine species living in zoo in Opole: cheetah, snow leopard, jaguar, serval and puma. Independent way of gaining knowledge let children find the answer on their questions.

During long walk children had a chance to see uncommon animals from different continents. Looking at exotic species brought lots of emotions to children. Kindergarteners liked monkeys, sea lions and giraffes the most. After the walk children had a tasty snack.

Direct contact with animals will help children remember their experiences for a long time. Time in ZOO was very attractive lesson of Nature.

  Report created by: Frogs

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