Names for cats

Trying to answer another “Ask expert” question (What do cats look like and what are their names in your countries?) , we tried to collect names of cats in our houses.

Firstly, Frogs made a mind map with proposals they could use to name their cats.

Among children ideas there were: Plamka, Czaruś, Tusia, Szczęściarz, Plastuś, Aleksander, Pusia, Diana, Pecharz, Tosiek, Bandzior, Luna, Abra, Max and Rambo.

We already collected some pictures of cats we have in our houses. There are: Łatka, Milka, Yuki, Blu, Donna Milka, Leon, Kimi, Lili, Pralinka, Malinka, Mufinka, Kropka, Wacek, Martyna, Maciuś, Felek, Szczęściarz and Czaruś.

We still wait to finish our collection of cats pictures, sent by parents.

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