Iceland – Features and Symbols 2

23_08_2016 (1) (Copy)After discovering shapes in a cat we discussed what other animals we could find in the book….like the dog and the mouse. We also discussed what other animals we could possibly find….like hens, horses, spiders, bulls, ravens, goats, sheep and pigs. One of the children announced that the raven has a triangle…and a circle. The circle is inside but the triangle is outside. Well we decided to go for an excursion looking for more animals.

One of the children heard a wasp, the child said it would look like a box (a term that the children often use instead of a square). We discussed why it was a square and not a box (you can put things into a box). Now we saw different squares everywhere.

We continued to the place where they keep some animals during he summer. But all the animals were gone…or almost all the animals. We heard some sound from indoors….We decided to draw some pictures all the same…looking for shapes in our drawings.

Now we were also wondering what kind of animals we would possibly find in Slovenia, Poland and Spain. We would like to know if there are cows, goats or pigs in your countries. We would also like to know if you have any green cats or if there might be dinosaurs in your countries. We think their might be dinosours in Poland.

Going back home we saw this thing. We recognized some shapes. The teacher took a photo and printed it in grayscale for the children to elaorate with different ideas. Some thought it reminded them of the green cat but others draw pictures of each other.

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Maybe you can try and see if you can draw a cat from the picture?


Cat food hunting;)

CatMeowBowlsmallOne day little Bees decided to go for cat food hunting…

No worries, they weren`t catching mice! The task was to find appropriate food and care items for cats. It meant for us to visit different places in our settlement and ask for foodstuff and different items for animal care.

We visited a post office, but there was no food for cats to buy…
We entered a pharmacy, but there was no medicine for cats to take…
No special cat bread or buns in bakery
In chemist`s there were many shampoos and brushes. Unfortunately, not for cats…
That was great place in florist`s, but nothing connected with cats…

So, when we entered a market, we thought there is no chance to find any cat dainties. Then, we found MILK (Do cats drink milk?), some cans and sausages with meat, special substance for cat`s toilet and even dental sticks (Do animal dentists exist?).

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People said that there are special shops for animals. We will visit one soon after holidays, we decided!


Does meow differ from meow?

Bees are still on the way to understand the meaning of MEOW.

One of the point children decided to check is the possibility of understanding the cat. Is there any difference between “meow” and “meow”? Can we recognize this difference? Are we able to understand the meaning?

We used an application on tablet which showed us a variety of sounds cats give in their cats` life. Children listened the sounds after touching the digits (we chose eight sounds), and then – discussed their possible meaning.  To manage this task children tried to imagine the cat in the situation probably linked with the sound. Of course – teachers made notes of what kids thought about, to save ideas for future use.

Children tried to act some of sounds . They pretended to be cats or humans (behaving well or bad with animals), depending on the sound. Children made the connection with sounds by pulling the cat`s tail, stroking the fur, exposing claws or showing cat`s teeth.

Finally children discovered that it is possible to guess cat`s feelings on the basis of the sound it utters. Is it then possible to guess it on the basis of cats` appearance? Is there any cats` body language? We will check it out!


“HOW TO MEOW?” challenge

Children taking part in “Our Erasmus Cats” project learn the language of Cats. Help us to understand how cats meow in all languages in the world!

Click the link to add a version of “CAT” and “MEOW” in your language.
Please, write the name of the language you write in.

You can also use the QR code to get to the Padlet.


Thank you.
And please – spread the word about “How to meow?”!