Hedgehogs and Little Suns in a project

Hedgehogs and Little Suns group is joining the project team! 

Cats miaow brought us to the topic. Kids were discovering what they know about cats.

Then, everyone was searching for the cat among collection of mascots. When fluffy cats were resting in a classroom, children went outside to search for icelandic Green Cat, who came to Poland by plane.

It looks as if Green cat loves travelling, because he hide inside the train in the garden. Or, maybe, he wanted to take us for the journey to this amazing “cats world”? To tell you the truth,  we love this idea.


Ladybirds group is in!

Ladybirds group is also in Erasmus Cats project! Last days we worked hard with maind map and our associations with cat topic. 

Ladybirds thought a lot about fairytales and stories with cats, cats` look, their habits and way of time spending. (Mind map is going to be presented soon)

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Thank to this way of collecting ideas we aroused our creative thinking and had great fun with sharing ideas. Besides, we showed respect to others by listening to each other carefully.


“Erasmus Cats” go live in Poland

 New eTwinning project within “Through democracy to literacy” partnership in Erasmus +  has just been announced.  Here in Poland “Our Erasmus Cats” go live in Bees, Ladybirds, Frogs, Little Suns and Hedgehogs groups. 

 First steps we went for is searching for children interest in a topic of cats on the basis of great Icelandic story about Green Cat (The Saga of the Green Cat). Kindergarteners are going to be the mainspring of the project – to initiate activities, ask questions and search for answers self-independently, to create, commonly play and discover their abilities…

Today, we want to share with first cat adventures of little BEES.

At the beginning we discussed what we know about cats. We created our first mind map, full of interesting ideas and statements, leading us to some questions we want to know answers for… (we will share this map soon)

On the green grass, under the blue sky we listened the story about the green cat for the first time. Its` rhyming adventure made us laughing, surprised and even upset for the moment. Everyone wanted to give a deep hug to this green kitty when he found way back home.

That day , Green Cat let us count all his ears, paws and tails. Our calculations we showed on fingers. We have to check if real cats have the same amount of these as cats from stories and fairytales!

Green cat is bit a scapegrace! He wanted to play hide and seek with us in the garden area! We had to use super special binoculars to observe in the garden succesfully!

It`s time for cats jumping – practicing safe “landing on four paws”. It turned out that Bees are very good not only on flyingbut also in jumping. Look!

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Finally, it`s hight time to make our hands busy. Why not with the green cat art?



Welcome, Erasmus Cats!

It`s time for Erasmus Cats.

All them are to help children discover a world.
To help teachers improve the Project Approach at school.
And discover outdoor education opportunities. 
To learn literacy with as democratic attitide as possible.
To enjoy learning.
And have fun.